Still Rattan Obsessed

Boy are we glad that the 70s rattan is back, and well and truly here to stay! Whilst the trend is still very much a retro, shabby chic vibe, there has certainly been a progression of the furniture since it was last popular.
No longer restricted to the front porch, we have actually seen rattan in so many parts of the home in recent days. Have you always wondered how, or where to start with rattan? We have your back!

1. Take it slowly. Rattan can really be used in any space, and has evolved from furniture to accessories. If you’re feeling a little hesitant to introduce the material as a statement piece in your home, why not start with a wall hanging shelf in the bathroom, or small side table in the living room? These options provide functionality and style, whilst not dramatically changing the current aesthetic of your home.

2. Use it as a seasonal integration. Coming into the warmer months, rattan can be the perfect way to lighten up your home. Whether you are hosting a dinner party, or just feel like a refresh in the dining space, our Salsa Dining Chairs & Stools are the perfect lightweight piece to introduce those summer vibes.


3. Perfect Middle-Man piece. These days, rattan fits into so many styles and aesthetics. The material is durable, and also versatile. You need to add a more casual vibe to your Hamptons Home? Rattan. You need to break up the colourful eclectic living room? Rattan.You need another dimension of neutral vibes in your bedroom? Rattan.

Rattan is definitely back, and we are still obsessed. We always will be!