Bedheads that Lift the Spirit of Your Bedroom

Although the bedroom is considered to be one of the most important rooms of your home because it is the room that you will spend the most time in, it may sometimes get overlooked in favour of the larger and more public rooms of your home.
The living room and kitchen areas generally get the most attention as they are spaces to entertain your guests. However, why not put that same energy into creating a great bedroom for yourself?
If you are looking for some ideas, consider a bedhead to lift the spirit of your bedroom. Here are our favorite picks and our top ways to decorate with a bedhead for your bedroom.


Traditional Upholstered Bedhead

If you prefer a traditional look for your bedroom, a carefully upholstered bedhead can add a touch of luxury to your room. In fact, the effect alone will transform the look of your bed. Then when you add new bedding to complement your new bedhead, you'll almost have a completely different room entirely.



Bedheads in Bold Colours

A bedhead in a bold colour can be used to complement the other colours of your bedroom or it can be used to create a bold statement of its own. If the colours in your bedroom tend to be somewhat drab or decidedly neutral, a boldly-coloured bedhead will do just the trick to break of up the monotony and add some dramatic style to your bedroom!

Bold color Bedheads


Blend Your Bedhead With the Wall

If the wall behind your bed features a bold pattern or you simply want a bedhead for the support that it can provide, you can opt to blend your bedhead with the wall. Choose an upholstery colour that is close to the colour of the wall or the dominant colour in the pattern of the accent wall behind your bed.

Blend bedhead with wall


Complement Your Wooden Bedroom Furniture

If you are looking for a bedhead that will work best to complement your wood bedroom furniture, consider a bedhead in a pastel colour. The soft hue of the upholstery can work to create an organic theme for your space when combined with the natural finishes of your wood bedroom furniture.

However, if you prefer to make things a bit more toned down, using a bedhead in a neutral colour, such as Wolf Grey, Taupe, or Charcoal adds an earthy feel to your bedroom that will bring you a bit closer to nature as you relax each day. Complete this look by adding stone decorative accents, such as a sculpture.


Choosing the Right Height for Your Bedhead

In a large bedroom, a tall bedhead can be exciting and dramatic. However, using a tall bedhead in a smaller bedroom may make the room feel smaller than it actually is. If you want to select the perfect bedhead for your bedroom, choose one that complements the size of your room.

Additionally, the bedhead should be selected based on the height and size of your bed. Bedheads come in multiple sizes for king, queen, and double beds. For a taller bed, you should use a taller bedhead, one that is approximately 75 cm above the bed. In contrast, a bed that is lower to the floor should feature a shorter bedhead, around 35 cm above the bed, to always ensure that the height of the bedhead is somewhat proportional to the height of the bed.


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