What's New in Rattan?

Rattan has made its comeback over the past couple of years, and we are TOTALLY here for it. 

We started with a few rattan chairs in our range to 'give it go' .... and we have fallen in love with the material, just like you have too and now it takes up a large percentage of our stock. Our love for rattan has expanded and we have everything crossed that the ‘trend’ is here to stay.

2020/2021 has seen rattan incorporated into a number of rooms in the home, under many interior styles, whether it be rooms inspired in Boho Beauty complete with crisp white surrounds, Country Charm or Beach Bungalow feels.

A few of our newest pieces include, but are certainly not limited to, bedheads, accent chairs, hangers/bedroom accessories, shelving and ottomans.


Some of our customer like to add one rattan piece for a little natural pop, or completely the look and deck out the whole room in rattan surrounded by plants and glorious natural light. We are finding no matter which style you are drawn to, the rattan in Natural, Black and White has a place in your home... or office or beach shack! :)