The Task At Hand

Can the perfect working space really make you more productive?task lamps

Do you find yourself sorting through clutter, checking facebook or finding every reason under the sun to not do work? Well with some simple changes to your workspace you can turn it into a hub of greatness, where ideas (and work) happen.

It’s all about the light… with style of course!

Poorly lit rooms that lack lighting will make you feel fatigued and unable to focus. But it’s not all about having that on-trend stylish light (but it does help), you need to have ample amounts of natural light too.

The Black Mango Team will show you five simple tips and tricks that will turn that drab unproductive office into a workspace you’ll never want to leave.

1. Task Lamp:

Purchasing a really great Task Lamp will not only add light to the room it will brighten up your work space making it easier to see and produce less strain on your eyes, it will also look great!! Task Lamps are great as the light focuses and creates a contrast helping you perform the task at hand.   


2. Natural Lighting:

Move your desk closer to the window, and don’t forget to get up and take a walk outside every now and then to get a really good dose of fresh air and sunrays. A great way to get more natural light is to place a mirror directly opposite from the window; this will reflect the light back into the room and also make it feel bigger.

table task lamps

3. Plants:

Instantly boost your productivity by placing a plant or two in the room. Yuccas, Succulents or some lucky Bamboo are great and need less watering than most plants and they will look great next to your Task Lamp. 

next to task lamp

4. Furniture:

A great piece of furniture can really help anxiety and stress, plus you always need a nice comfy place to do all of your thinking, that’s were great ideas come from after all. You can write, meditate, and have a cuppa or just chill in style in your new favourite room! Even though you are transforming your workspace into being more productive, you also need time for yourself too.  

Accent arm chairs

5. Colour:

Incorporate “happy” colours into the room. Colours play an important role because they often evoke feelings and moods. Stick with colours like Orange, Yellow and Green, which enhances feelings of energy, vitality and happiness, or Purple, which represents creativeness. 



Now that you have these five great tips why not transform your workspace today.

Xo Black Mango Team