Spice up your space with an Accent Chair!

There are many ways to spice up any space, but one very easy way to turn a whole room around and into a more desirable place to be is to just add an accent chair. Black Mango offer a variety of accent chairs that can transform an entire room, while a simple idea, it can still add class and the right touch to bring everything in the room together. 

Accent Chairs 

An accent chair is one of the most versatile pieces and is sure to make a difference. We’ve gathered some information about accent chair styles and our favourite pieces, with a few tips on how to place them.



A roomy upholstered arm chair with deep seats, perfect for lounging around in. Most likely to have a studded trim. Great for reading nooks or alongside a living room lounge.

Our Fav: Esther Tub Chair

Placement: Often made up in pairs. Great for dens or second lounge area, or to add extra seating to a main living area.

Fun Fact:  Before it came to be known under its current name, it first appeared as the fauteuil confortable, the "comfortable armchair".

 White Esther Tub Chair


Armless upholstered accent chairs with a petite silhouette. Most likely to be closer to the ground than a regular chair.

Our Fav: Helene Chair

Placement: Great for smaller spaces or bedroom suites.

Fun Fact: Originally in the early 18th century, this low slung chair was used in ladies' bedrooms as seating, and to help when getting dressed. 

 Wolf Grey Helene Chair


Easily spotted thanks to its winged sides and tall back. Often has a studded trim. There is something undeniably throne like about this chair.

Our Fav: Royale Wingback Arm Chair

Placement: A wingback arm chair can be perfectly paired with a lounge, used in a sitting room as a pair, or to add extra seating to a main living area.

Fun Fact: The purpose of the "wings" was to enclose the head or torso areas of the body in order to provide comfortable protection from drafts, and to trap the heat from a fireplace in the area where the person would be sitting.

 Teal Royale Wingback Arm Chair


Exposed wooden frames surrounding an upholstered seat and back. 

Our Fav: Cabriole Elizabeth Chair

Placement: Can be used as pairs at the end of beds in bedroom suites, as luxurious dining chairs or to simply add more seating to living room suites.

Fun Fact: A bergère in the eighteenth century was essentially designed to be moved about to suit convenience, rather than being ranged permanently.

Taupe Cabriole Elizabeth Chair