Let it shine down on you - Floor Lamp Ambience

Look up the definition of a Floor Lamp and it may read

  1. - A lamp supported by a tall vertical pole in order to shine light from above those seated in the vicinity.

Yes this is an accurate explanation…….. Although we believe a Floor Lamp is SO much more than that.

A floor lamp will Illuminate your space with striking style and create space saving qualities, it can be used to instantly transform an area into a design statement.

Here at Black Mango we have a variety of Floor Lamps available to suit all styles,

Our Broom Leg copper range, on trend with a hint of copper and lovely rounded wooden broom legs.

 floor lamp

Our popularTripod range,

 Triopod Floor Lamp

All the way through to our classic style floor lamp, with time-honoured appeal.

bedroom Table lamp

Where would I place my floor lamp?

Throughout the house there are corners or blank spaces crying out for attention and personality, perhaps you do not want to clutter them with a bulky furniture piece, here are some examples of rooms where a floor lamp could add flavour -

Reading nook – set up right next to an armchair to entice you to get lost in your latest novel.

Nursery – A lovely floor lamp with a white or natural shade placed in a corner of the nursery to add scale and to serve as a soft night light. Remebering a nursery is a haven and a place for imagination to develop,  if you are going with a theme for the nursery, why not get creative and add a ribbon trim or painted polka dots to our fabric shades.

Study Area – Setting a floor lamp right along side your desk will act as a desk lamp, this is especially good when wanting to allow more space on your work area, where usually a task light may have been required.

Bedroom – If you want to eliminate bedside tables although are still after a reading light, a floor lamp is the perfect option along side your bed. It also plays with scale within the room, bringing in height to a space that usually caters for lower furniture.

Living Room –Being able to provide soft subtle lighting within the living area is always welcome. A floor lamp situated in the far corner of the room or to the side of the entertainment unit really is a lovely addition, the option to have a floor lamp on whilst watching television or to add warmth to the living area in the evening is ideal.

Choosing a floor lamp can be fun, especially when looking through our Black Mango range; we are certain, there will be ‘just the one’ waiting for you to fall for. Take a look through our offerings and be sure to pop a photo on our instagram #lovemyblackmango when you have it set up in your space, we like nothing more  than to see your decorating style.

Xo Black Mango Team