New in 2023, So Far

We know we're not alone when we look at the date and think - how are we already in May! The past five months have been filled with nothing but excitement on all fronts at Black Mango, but especially with our new products.
With brand new products, and colour ways being added to existing range, the team here have all been busy taking care of their respective parts of the new product process, making it super easy for you at home to purchase your new favourite pieces and have them delivered in no time!
So far in 2023 we have introduced new slipcover sofas, rattan bedheads, kitchen stools, bedhead slipcovers, dining chairs, mirrors and armchairs, and we promise we're not going to stop there…. With 7 months of the year remaining, we can guarantee Black Mango is going to bring much more excitement.
Take a look through the range of new pieces below, and see which of our new pieces would look perfect in your space!

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