Mirror Lamp for a Finishing Touch

The halfway mark has been reached on The Block, and we can't believe how awesome it has been.

Last weekend, we saw our gorgeous Lydia Block Lamp feature in Josh and Luke's guest bedroom, and we really believe it was the perfect finishing touch.

Our Lydia Mirror Lamp compliments the blue hues and dreamy greys in this room, with the mirror element bringing in this sense of sophistication. Mirrored furniture within a room amplifies any natural sunlight throughout the day and creates a romantic ambience in the evening. 

We do not carry a lot of mirrored furniture in our range, only in the way of lamps, although we have hand picked three styles that we believe will be a perfect addition to your interior. Our Lydia Mirror Block Lamp (as shown) along with the Lydia Mirror Pillar Lamp and Lydia Mirror Tower Lamp. All available online now, ready to deliver Australia Wide, super fast. 


   BLOCK LAMP                      PILLAR LAMP                     TOWER LAMP