How Do Luxury Living Room Sofas Create a Statement Look

A sofa is an investment and a defining feature of your living room. As the main piece of furniture used to entertain, relax, and gather, you should choose your sofa carefully if you really want it to stand out in your home. Here are a few ways to use luxury sofas to create a statement look.

What’s New in Luxury Sofas

This season keep an eye out for luxury sofas in gorgeous shades with unique details. Whether you want to add a dose of colour to your interiors or make things seem even cosier in your living room, the right sofa will do the trick.

luxury sofas

Vintage Sofa With Modern Colours

Adding a vintage-style sofa to your home that features modern colours is a great way to bring your living room together. A sofa that offers all of the nostalgia of yesteryear is sure to attract plenty of attention when you use it to create a sitting area in your living room.

Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield sofas come in many different colours these days. This type of sofa makes an exceptional choice for a living room because it is designed for both sitting and lounging. In addition, the tufting of the upholstery makes the deep seats even more comfortable and luxurious.

Sofas in Soft Pastel Colours

If you are looking to create a relaxing, informal living room, a sofa in a soft pastel colour is the best solution. Whether you prefer flat or rounded cushions, making sure that you choose the right fabric upholstery to complete this look is vital. A sofa that features round edges in a dusty mint, rose or even grey will allow you to create minimal style without leaving your interiors feeling cold and uninteresting.


Modern Traditional Sofa

If you prefer a modern, yet traditional appeal for your living room, a sofa featuring tall legs is perfect, opt for one that features minimal arms to complete this look. Additionally, a choice of solid wood legs versus fabric upholstery will make this sofa design stand out that much more.

Loveseat for a Small Space

If you are trying to outfit a small living room or studio apartment, a loveseat is likely your best bet. To make the sofa stand out despite its small size, look for one that offers a unique design with a colourful choice of upholstery.

A high back loveseat, such as the Royale Wingback Loveseat Linen White, is the best way to add luxury to your space while ensuring that the loveseat doesn't take up more space than it should.

Sofas With Strong Patterns

You don’t only have to select a sofa with solid colour upholstery in order to make your living room seem luxurious. In fact, a sofa that features a strong pattern in its upholstery is an ideal way to create a statement within your space. When you combine interesting upholstery with a unique frame shape, your sofa will become the focal point of your space.

Create a New Ambience of Luxury for Your Home

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