Discover How Accent Chairs Can Add Visual Interests to Your Home

Accent chairs stand out in any space because they complement a room's decor. The term actually comes from the meaning of the word accent, which means to emphasize.

Any chair that is designed to do more than simply offer another seating option for your room can be called an accent chair. Accent chairs add decorative flair, creating an air of excitement and serving as a focal point for your room.

When you are considering using accent chairs to highlight rooms in your home, there is more than one way to go about it. In fact, it might be ideal to choose an accent chair that is a bit out of the norm as far as your personal taste to create something that will make people take notice.

Accent Chairs for Home & Office Space

If you are looking for a few creative ideas, here are the best ways to use accent chairs in your home.


Start With the Living Room

Accent chairs work best in the living room, especially when you pair them with a sofa. An accent chair works to offset the sofa by providing contrast between the other seating options in the room. By choosing different fabrics and finishes for your accent chair versus the sofa, you can create a look that is well suited to your needs.

Living Room Accent Chairs


Create a Bedroom Reading Nook

Using an accent chair in the bedroom is a great way to transform your bedroom into a multi-functional space. By placing an accent chair in the corner of the room along with a floor lamp you can create the perfect place to relax before bed.

Accent Chairs Bedroom


Add an Accent Chair to the Office

Accent chairs are almost a must-have accessory for any home office. If your goal is to work from home or your clients occasionally visit your home office, you’ll want to include an accent chair. For the office, choose an accent chair with higher quality upholstery to add a more practical, yet modern ambience to your home office.


Choose Accent Chairs With Outstanding Upholstery

Accent chairs that feature exciting textures and overstuffed upholstery will immediately attract attention. By offering a luxurious seating option, you can improve the ambience of comfort and relaxation with your space, as well as, adding an air of elegance.


Go Glamorous With Accent Chair Shapes

An accent chair with a high-back, contoured wings, or sleek curves offers the perfect features that can change any modern room into a stylish and sophisticated one. Don't be afraid to choose bold colours if you opt for this approach to including an accent chair in your space!

Decorative Accent Chairs


General Accent Chair Placement Tips

Regardless of how or where you choose to use an accent chair, placement is still key. You need to use the accent chair to make the room seem more inviting, but not cluttered.

If you are working with a small space, it is a good idea to select an accent chair that is in proportional to your space so that it is not diminished by the rest of the furniture elements in the room.

Finally, don't think that you are only allowed to use one accent chair per room. You can use multiple accent chairs to replace your need for a sofa. In addition, you can also mix and match if the room is larger to give your room a unique character.

Selecting Accent Chairs That Complement Your Interior Decor

If you need help with selecting the right accent chairs for your home, Black Mango is here to help! We have dozens of accent chairs in stock in a variety of options and styles. Shop our online collection today or call us on 03 9005 6000 or email us at with your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!