Furniture Classics that Help You in Re-creating a Living Room in Your Backyard

Backyards have always been the setting for summer get-togethers. Now the interior design experts are taking a new look at the backyard thanks to the emerging trend of creating a second living room in your backyard.

Instead of lawn chairs and flimsy seasonal decor, backyards are starting to look more like outdoor living spaces with full living room furniture. With Australia's ideal climates, there's really no reason to restrain your interior design ideas to the interior of your home. In fact, there are many ways that you can create sitting and dining areas outdoors with backyard furniture. Here are a few concepts to help you get started.

backyard furniture

Use Plants as a Natural Border

To make your outdoor space stand out, you should try using shrubs and trees as a natural border. Placing your selected outdoor furniture in the middle facing inwards will create a cosy outdoor space to entertain.

Outdoor Breakfast Table

If you love classic design, a round outdoor table is just the solution. Try using this concept to create an outdoor breakfast nook. You'll also love the intimate dining setting that an outdoor dining table can provide. To make the look more modern add a table centerpiece, such as a vase, sculpture or flower arrangement.

breakfast table

Relax Around the Fire Pit

If you simply want a place to relax outdoors, a few chairs arranged around a fire pit is the perfect solution. You can use this concept to create an outdoor living room by adding throw pillows to each chair and small ottomans near each chair to serve as tables for food and drink.

Small Space Outdoors

If you don't have much space to work with outdoors, you can still add furniture to make it more liveable. Instead of an entire furniture collection, a simple arm chair and table will do just fine. This is a great solution if you'd like some place to enjoy a bit of solitude in the garden or if you want to take a break while gardening.

Formal Outdoor Dining Area

Outdoor dining doesn't automatically have to equal casual dining. In fact, it is more than possible to create a more formal outdoor dining space by simply using more luxurious dining chairs. Replace the basic seat cushions for the chairs with solid colour or floral patterned cushions and add some fine tableware, you'll be all set for a formal dinner party outdoors.

outdoor dining chairs

You may have already noticed that outdoor furniture is changing, the modern furniture pieces you see outdoors could have previously been mistaken for items that belong inside of the house. If you plan to use your outdoor space to entertain, you'll love the luxury and comfort that today's modern furniture has to offer. Surprisingly, with the right arrangement, it may also help you to feel more connected to the natural surroundings, as well.

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