Celebrating The Light

Designer Lighting

Simplicity at it’s finest - while stylish pendant lights and lampshades can look great and really finish off a room perfectly, sometimes less is more. Simplistic pendants and table lamps that speak for themselves and let the light bulb do the work can really be the topping on the cake.

Here at Black Mango we have seen a huge shift in simple yet stylish pendants and lamps that allow the light globe, such as our vintage filament globes, to become a feature of its own. Step back in time for a moment… when lights were designed to hide globes as much as possible, when it was an eyesore for a globe to be seen. Now fast forward back to today where minimalistic pendant lights and table lamps are all about the globe that is styled with it, celebrating the light shining from within.

We are seeing this trend more and more, not only in the home but in hospitality and retail industries too. Cafes and shop owners are embracing the “industrial lighting revolution” style and making it their own.

A timeless trend that can be paired with more elaborate pieces or intricately placed to become a feature itself. A style that can be combined with other interior design trends and not look out of place.

pendant lights online

There are no rules when it comes to these pendant lights and lamps and there is no doubt that they leave a feeling of nostalgia due to their seriously retro vintage filament globes, and that why we LOVE them. Simple, minimalistic, versatile and works in just about any environment that they are placed in.

vintage filament globes

So now that we’ve given you the ideas why not make it happen in your own home or business. Happy Shopping!!


Xo Black Mango Team