Bedhead Beauty

No I am not talking about ‘bedhead’ as in ‘I woke up like this’...

I am referring to the beauty of having a bedhead, a truly lovely bedhead.

I had never really thought about owning one, about the joy it would bring when I walked by my King bed and could see the plush fabric surround staring back at me, with its lovely little fabric buttons and the pillows laying underneath it, beckoning me to just relax a little…

Or the joy of sitting up in bed on a rare and precious Sunday Morning, with my coffee and book, leaning up against my comfy bedhead and feeling grand... 

No I did not realise this sleepy joy, until we, Black Mango, found these beauties and I took one home. It turned my nice bedroom, into a haven, with just one piece.

My ensemble mattress, turned into a bed fit for a Queen and her King... (and our little Prince and Princesses who like to wiggle their way in on the weekends)

 Wingback Chesterfield Bedhead

Why did I need a Bedhead – I have an ensemble, it is so comfortable that I literally find myself saying – aloud – nearly every night ‘I Love my bed’

Although I was experiencing one little problem... I found that the bed was being swallowed up with cushions by day and the floor looked like a soft landing pad by night – I just kept buying more cushions to add comfort when leaning against the wall to read, and to create some height and interest – in comes my beautiful, practical, opulent, Black Mango bedhead and goodbye large mass of cushions. Saving my back, the wall and my marriage (seriously if I purchased one more cushion!)


So enough about my personal dreamy experience, and a little about the quality and style of our Black Mango Bedheads.

For now we have kept our range tight and handpicked the three top designs to suit our customers.

The Charlotte Chesterfield

Charlotte Chesterfield Bedhead Black

The Milan Wave

The Milan Wave Bedhead Taupe

and the

The Wingback Chesterfield

Wingback Chesterfield Bedhead Taupe


We have explored and researched fabrics to find one that will best enhance the shape and design of our three bedheads, looking also for a fabric that would withstand the test of time - We wanted to choose the best colours and shades for our customers, colours that blend and a few that pop.

The end result to our search is a luxurious premium heavy duty linen blend, available in our most popular shade of Taupe throughout the whole range and the added colours for a point of difference only to the Charlotte Chesterfield at this stage, are the options of Black, Teal and Wolf Grey.

The rest is up to you, easy as choosing one of three shapes that suit your style and the colour to compliment your room. To assist with your final decision a Black Mango Team member will happily send out a swatch of one or more of these colours, as we know sometimes a little extra visual and tactile understanding helps.

Black Mango Fabric Swatches

Sweet Dreams

Xo Black Mango Team