Name Storming

What’s with the Name - you may ask?


Name Storming

So much can ride on a name, just ask your parents.

Deciding what to name your precious bundle, the name of your band, the name of your masterpiece… In our case - the name of our new company.

New Year’s Day, 2015, one of the founders, was sitting in a café sharing breakfast with his wife and 3 children. Topics of New Year’s resolutions came up, as they often do on the 1st of January… The thrill of a new business venture being one of them.

‘What are you going to call it Dad?’

‘Not too sure, any ideas?’

This started an around the table breakfast brainstorm, from the ridiculous to the not too bad.

It had to represent what this exciting new company was about, a name can make or break a business – No pressure.

We needed, edgy, innovative, cool.

Colours are good, so is fruit.

‘Purple Tomato’

‘Light Houz’

‘Blue Berries’

‘How about Black Mango?’ the table went quiet – that’s when you know you are onto a good thing, especially with young children.

‘We Like it’, ‘we really like it’

Black Mango is our name, it is catchy, simple and mysterious. It represents us in the way that any great branding can, it excites us, we believe in it and we feel it is a name that invites you to do the same.

Black Mango

Explore and enjoy what we have to offer, products that are on-trend with an edge, and remember - don’t take life too seriously and surround yourself with people and things that make you smile.

xo Black Mango Team